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  • Rain Shower HeadWhat is a rain shower head?Rain shower heads are designed to offer the experience of having a shower in the rain. They are usually engineered to give many settings from a water saving trickle to a drenching rain storm.

    Often consisting of a round disk or a thin square shaped head with numerous small holes through which water flows out evenly and steadily. Advanced models have s pulse device to compel the shower spray to form into droplets. Other advanced models permit even or multiple randomized settings. Examples of the various settings include; water saving trickle, drenching rain storm, and pulsating rain massage. Randomized settings offer an incredibly rain shower experience.

    There are several designs and shapes with many materials and finishes available like brass, chrome and steel to suit any design.

    Advantages of a rain shower head

    • You get a relaxing and gentle shower – Rain droplets against sharp water jets? We know the one that you will choose. Shower in comfort and luxury, your own raincloud every morning at the warmth you prefer.

    • Great flair and style – they appear great! Rain shower heads are exciting in size and unique in style. They make your shower and bathroom appear like a million dollars. Give your shower and bathroom a 5-star hotel room finish.• Extra coverage in your shower – have you ever felt like to run round in your shower to be wet? With uneven and sparse shower head, you will constantly have an average shower. With an even and a large shower head, you will forever be covered and you will have a great shower each time.

    • Extra options for you – more advanced shower heads have many spray patterns to select from. Many choices allow you to select the shower spray which fits you and your moods. For a strong hot shower select the drenching rainfall. For a stress melting shower pick the water saving trickle. Stiff and sore muscles go for the pulsing rain massage.

    Factors to consider when buying a new rain shower head

    When buying a new rain shower head consider the following factors;• Size – the bigger the better, a bigger rain head will give you a great rain shower. Many best rain shower heads range from 8’’- 10’’ in diameter.• Quality – it is not a must that you buy the major brands to get the best product. Read through the user reviews fro customers that have purchased a similar product, this will enable you to find the best shower head.• Spray setting and design – other shower heads have many spray setting and advanced spray designs. If you are looking for a simple shower head, then a single setting shower head is the best. Select a shower head with multiple spray settings if you could like to switch from drenching, power massage, mist, and rainfall settings.• Shower arm fit – is the shower head model made to be ceiling mounted or wall mounted? Will the model fit your present shower arm? You are able to find out this by viewing the product pictures and information.

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