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Patients: Be Prepared


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What to Bring

__ All medications in their original bottles; this includes over-the-counter medications
__ Drivers license and insurance card
__ Patient forms that your physicians office gave you to fill out (these include patient history and anesthesia questionnaire)
__ Any crutches, braces, or other devices needed after surgery
__ Documents requiring your doctor’s signature
__ For overnight stay
__ Clothing
__ Nightgown/Pajamas
__ Robe
__ Comfortable clothing (sweatpants, loose shirts)
__ Slippers
__ Shoeswhat-to-bring
__ Toiletries
__ Razor
__ Toothbrush/Toothpaste
__ Soap/Shampoo
__ Feminine Hygiene Products
__ Tissues
__ Book
__ Glasses
__ Other

Preparation Before Surgery
__ Do not eat or drink anything after midnight, not even water
__ Follow your physicians instructions for taking prescriptions, insulin and over-the-counter medications for the day of surgery
__ Follow the “night before surgery” instructions that you will be given at your pre-admission appointment these include
__ Do not smoke, chew gum, or use mints after midnight
__ Remove colored nail polish on fingers and toes
__ Please leave all valuables at home or give to someone to hold (jewelry, phones, electronic devices, wallets, purses)

After Surgery
__ Plan ahead to have a responsible adult drive you home once you are discharged
__ Ask any questions you have to the Irving Coppell Surgical Hospital team
__ Get your medications filled right away
__ Make your follow-up care appointment with your physician

  • Our Departments

    • Ear, Nose and Throat

      Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) or Otolaryngology is a medical specialty that focuses on the management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck.
    • General Surgery

      The prospect of a surgical procedure is stressful no matter what, but knowing you’re in a hospital with a highly-trained surgical team can make a big difference when you’re about to enter the operating room.
    • Gynecology

      Sometimes, does it feel like you have a mass bulging out of your vagina? Is walking or standing difficult? Is sexual intercourse painful? Do you have difficulty emptying your bladder or bowel?
    • Internal Medicine

    • Ophthalmology

      Ophthalmology is the specialty involved with treatment and surgspecialty_ophthalmologyery of the eye. Ophthalmologists perform surgeries of the eye, eyelids, eye muscles, optic nerves and orbit.
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

      Oral and maxillofacial specialists diagnose and treat many diseases, injuries and defects of the hard and soft tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) regions.
    • Orthopedic

      Baylor Surgical Hospital at Las Colinas offers comprehensive orthopedic care with some of the latest surgical techniques to help our patients overcome orthopedic injuries
    • Pain Management

      Everyone experiences pain at one point or another and this unpleasant feeling often lets you know that something may be wrong.
    • Plastic Surgery

      The decision to have plastic surgery is an important one, and choosing the right plastic surgeon is crucial.
    • Podiatry

      Podiatry is the branch of medicine dedicated to the study of medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity.
    • Spine Surgery

      Baylor Surgical Hospital at Las Colinas partners with a team of expert spine specialists to provide advanced care for back, neck and spinal disorders.
    • Urology

      Our urologists provide expertise and surgical treatment for urinary disorders of the male and female urinary tracts, as well as conditions of the male genital tract or reproductive system

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