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    Backpacks, when we hear this word the first thing that comes in our mind is the cloth sack that one easily carry on their backs when they go long touring or hiking adventures easily without worry of the load. However, backpacks have an astonishing history. Backpacks were used in ancient times by the hunters who used to go for the long hunting, all the equipment they required for hunting were kept in these backpacks. On return as a souvenir, they used to bring the animal meat perfectly wrapped in these backpacks.

    Backpacks are also known as rucksack which is originated from the German word der Rucken and sack which means back and bag respectively. There are numerous backpacks available that are available in the market and most of them can carry about more than 10Kg of the weight. Most of the backpack are been used by the hikers and students.

    Technology changes are a part of innovation that every company focuses on and backpack industry is not dissimilar, even the backpack companies are now a days innovating new types of backpacks that may appeal customers.

    Now the major questions that comes in the mind is how to select the best rolling backpacks as there are countless options are available in the market. Well, your anxiety comes to an end here.

    Let’s see the best rolling backpacks available in the market:

    High Sierra rolling backpacks: Why would you settle for a single backpack when you can get two backpacks at the same price? High Sierra is one the best value for money which includes the detachable backpack best suited for the city ride. The backpack emanates with an amazing feature where both the backpacks are attached only through a zipper. The backpack is made of very good quality nylon and the foam that enriches the shape of the backpack. The finest thing in the bag is its book style opening interior clothing straps gives ultimate experience of carrying the backpack. The bags comes with the dimension of 22 by 13.5 by 9 and the bags are really stumpy weight only 6lbs that makes it easy to carry. The best advantage of this bag is the enormous space that it provides and it can store double the things that you can store in a normal backpack and also it’s very durable and easy to carry.

    Eagle Creek Wheeled backpack: Are you looking for a mountaineering experience where you don’t need to carry the bag on your back rather you require a backpack that is rough and tough and can be easily carried with wheels at rough places, then eagle creek wheeled backpack is the best option for you. The finest part of the backpack is its dimension which is 22 by 14 by 9 and very light weight only 6lbs. Amazing feature of front suspension system makes the carrying the backpack easy as telescopic handle does not lie against your back. The backpack is useful to be carried even with the loads of weight because of its top, side and bottom padded handles. It is the best value for money as the bag comes with the lifetime wear and tear warranty and the wheels of the bags are designed for the rough terrain and it is very light and easy to carry.

    Osprey Meridian convertible luggage wheeled backpack: The backpack comes with an amazing feature of detachable backpack that can be best suited for day use. The day pack includes the padded sleeves for carrying a laptop of around 15 inches easily and you can carry pens and holder easily with the pocket and pen holders. The backpack is made of ballistic polyester and nylon that makes it comfortable to carry. The chassis of the backpack are made for best use of rolling it anywhere you want. The best part of the backpack is that it can be completely detached which increased the packing capacity of the backpack. The hip belt is created in such a way that it evenly divides the load on the shoulders so that it can be carried easily. Top and side carry handles makes it easy to carry. The best benefit of the backpack is that you can get the luggage experience with the backpack. Its durability and light weight makes it the best rolling backpacks.

    Osprey Packs Sojourn wheeled convertible backpack: If you are looking for a high capacity backpack then this is a right choice for you. The backpack comes with no detachable rucksack that makes it more efficient for packing. The backpack comes with the availability of daypack attachment if required. Total capacity of the bag is 60 liters and total weight for the backpack is 7 lbs that makes it lightweight and easy to carry. The preeminent feature of the bag is the adjustable suspension that can be extended to 22 inches. The bag can be roll over any terrain due its amazing high clearance chasses. Your items will be protected in the bag due to its padded walls. The bag pack comes with the top and side handle along with the retracting handle that makes carrying the bag easy. With the best benefit of durability and large wheels this backpack is best value for money.

    Timbuk2 Aviator Wheeled Backpack: If you are planning to go for a week-long trip, then this backpack is best suited. It comes with two versions of the backpacks, large and medium. If you are using this backpack within the city then it can be used easily due to its smooth roller and it performs equally well when you are going out, due to its padded shoulder straps and removable hip belt that distributes the weight equally even when it’s loaded. The backpack comes with easy to carry options due to grip handles on all sides of the backpack. It has amazing pockets for your phones and other durable items that you need to carry with you.

    There are diverse options available for the best rolling backpack in the market, you are the best judge of what you require. Some backpacks have some incredible features available that can make your travel really tranquil without worries of carrying huge loads with you. In conclusion we can say that it’s not important what company you choose for the best rolling backpacks. However, it is vital that what features and benefits you want from your backpack.

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